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  • Cruising Sails

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    Durability, ease of handling, value . . . at Maine Sailing Partners, we custom build our sails to meet the specific needs of each customer.  Whether you need a Hydranet-Radial sail for bluewater cruising or a crosscut Dacron sail for a weekend spin, we can create a sail for you that provides the best combination of handling, durability, and value.  MSP cruising sails have logged literally thousands of miles, from Maine to Micronesia.  We choose only the best fabrics and hardware, always looking to add value to our premium quality cruising sails.  When you choose MSP, you can be sure that you are getting the finest handcrafted sails you can buy.

  • One Design

    imagineloresThe perfect one-design sails allow you to focus on the race.  Ours are fast, easy to set up, and easy to tune.  

    Maine Sailing Partners' one-design sails are created with value, performance and consistency in mind. Our computer controlled high tolerance design and cutting equipment and experienced sailmakers, ensure that you always get the best sails.


  • Racing Sails

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    Maine Sailing Partners shares your passion for racing and your drive to succeed.  We do our best to provide you with winning sails, service, and support.

    We design all of our sails with powerful SailPack sail design software from BSG Developments or FABRIC sail design software by CEREALOG.  These very sophisticated design programs enable us to look at sail designs in 3D, incorporate super smooth seam shaping, and orient the load-bearing fibers of each sail panel individually.  The result is a smooth, high performance sail that keeps its designed shape longer.

    Our high tolerance rotary blade and drag knife cutter by Carlson Designs is more accurate than a laser cutter ensuring that the sail we design is accurately transferred to the sailcloth.

    As an independent sailmaker, we are free to choose from any cloth supplier in the world.  We're under no obligation to use any specific manufacturer's products or materials, so we choose the very best materials for your sails.  We've dedicated ourselves to making the finest sails available and are constantly on the lookout for better materials and techniques.  Maine Sailing Partners was the first sailmaker in Maine to build stitchless working sails and spinnakers.  Over the years, we have been a leader in testing innovative sail materials such as D4 load path oriented fabrics, Spectra, Kevlar, Pentex, AirX, PBO, Carbon, and Cuben Fiber.

    Finally, there is no substitute for experience.  Our sails are made in our Freeport sail loft by the most experienced sailmakers in Maine.  Since 1983 our skilled sailmakers have developed proven techniques over years of building custom sails.  We continuously test new processes and techniques to add value to every sail we make and to keep you on the winning edge.

  • Multihull Sails

    a_699flying_machineMaine Sailing Partners has long been involved in making multihull sails. From beach cats to Maine Cats and Corsairs to Voyagers, we've built a lot of multihull sails.  Our multihull sails are innovative and durable reflecting a long involvement with pioneering multihull designer and builder Walter Green as well as Win's experience in the Formula 40 class.  Our on-going collaboration with Keith Burrage of Skateaway Designs has resulted in a number of interesting new sails.

    Notable projects include Friends, Toshiba, Humdinger, Skateaway, Moxie, Great American, Margaret, Fluid Design, Pooka, Badger, Earth Watch, Formula Tag, Swamp Fox, and Sebago.

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